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Our story

We are TalentLyft and we are on a mission to build the best recruitment platform in the world! Ambitious? Sure. But with right people on board, nothing is too ambitious!

Our product came to life during one of our hangouts which set a direction for how we think of work. We work hard but we still keep things light. Create your own schedule and adapt your work to yourself. We believe in getting things done and we will give you complete freedom to achieve that. If you need some extra sleep or you’ll focus better if you stay and work from home, go ahead and do it.

The thing we care about the most is evolving our product and making sure that each team member feels included with their meaningful contributions. Whether they are sales wizards or in the background solving development challenges, all of our employees are proudly taking part in  the growth of our platform. 

At the end of the day we tend to handle stress with laughter. Things get tough, deadlines need to be met but we all try to overcome our challenges with humor. To reach our goals, our ideas need to flourish and we believe you can't reach ambitious goals without a great atmosphere! Once you become a part of our team, you’ll see - accepting the challenge of working with us will be rewarding. Your teammates will always be here to help or crack a few jokes and get you through a rough day.

What we stand for?


At TalentLyft we all work towards creating the highest quality recruitment solution. And everyone are equally important pieces of this puzzle.


We believe in having complete creative freedom at work. Think outside the box and independently find your own solutions to problems.


Once you start working on a project it's all yours! We believe we should all stand behind our work and get recognized for our responsibilities.


“Being a Data Scientist at TalentLyft is a lot like being a researcher. Each project is a step into the unknown territory that will challenge your current knowledge and motivate you to learn continuously. Once you overcome these challenges, the work becomes very rewarding. And in my case, this made me happy with my job long term!”


Data Scientist

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