Web developer

zagreb, American Samoa

This job is not available any more.
We are looking for an amazing design plan, create and code web pages, using both non-technical and technical skills to produce websites that fit our customer's requirements. The successful candidate has to  work well in a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment and would be at ease working with different types of projects and technologies on a regular basis.

  • Work collaboratively with small and nimble development teams on new features and product offerings
  • Focus on developing elegant solutions to complex problems with the ability to present ideas, expectations and information in a concise, well-organized way to others
  • Use best practices at every stage of the development cycle: emphasis on good test coverage, peer code review, continuous integration and rapid deployment
  • Develop and manage a set of internal and external APIs that will drive public-facing features and tools.
  • Ensure that all code is error-free, maintainable, scales for high traffic and is search engine optimized.
  • Provide quality assurance and testing of other team members’ code.
  • Creates and manages the overall structure and design of the company’s corporate website by collecting design requirements and data for sections within the website.
  • Maintains manual and electronic documents, files and records (e.g. publication archives) for the purpose of providing up-to date reference materials.
  • Supports graphic and publication layout needs including graphics and multimedia presentations for the entire company.
  • X+ years of experience in web programming
  • BS in computer science or a related field
  • A good working knowledge of HTML, CSS(LESS/SASS) and Javascript
  • Hands on Backbone.js, JSON and MVC templating
  • Experience with  WordPress, MySQL, PHP, .NET, Apache server configuration and working knowledge of Adobe Suite.
  • Strong familiarity with a source control repository (Git, SVN)
  • Understanding of web analytics and experience with Google Analytics (or similar)
  • A command and understanding of current web development trends and best practices, including an emphasis on responsive development
  • Experience using open-source technologies
  • The ability to execute across the entire web development lifecycle from planning through launch
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization process