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As a Product Development Team, we are on a mission to develop the highest quality all-in-one recruitment solution on the market. To make this vision a reality we got some of the biggest experts in the field to lead our growth. We are building a product with global significance and we are collaborating with hundreds of our users worldwide daily to achieve our goal! 

We’ve come a long way, but there are still some challenges we need to tackle. Due to the nature of our application, and all its features, the platform is growing and the biggest focus is leveraging the latest technologies to maximize its performances. We use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to make our tool more intuitive, smarter and robust in the backend and develop in-house libraries in frontend to provide the best quality product. Building a smarter software and migrating it to the “micro-frontend” architecture are some of the goals in the near future, and just like with everything up until now - we all cannot wait to see it all up and running!

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How our product grew over time

  • 2015.  

    Turning our idea into reality! Starting the company and the official beginning of TalentLyft.


  • 2016. 

    Releasing the first version of the app. Getting the first customers!


  • 2017. 

    Hiring our first employee and moving into the new office.


  • 2019. 

    Rebuilding & redesigning our app from scratch to improve the product! 


  • 2019. 

    Reached our first 100 active users!


  • 2021. 

    Moving into the new office and doubling our team!


  • What's next? 

    Further developing our product to make our mission of becoming the world's best all in one recruitment solution a reality! 


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