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It's pretty simple to us. Either you work or you don't.  We believe in getting the things done. There is no grey area. It's better to work productively 15 minutes than to look at the screen from 9 to 5. Our product was basically made during one of our hangouts, so we're still working that way. Do not think of it as work, but as fun! Why?

Because if you come to work happily, then you will be productive. Everybody has its own process that works for them, and we respect that at TalentLyft. You need to get more sleep? No problem! You need to work from home to be productive? Stay at home and do it! But get the things done! It's an everyday challenge, positive pressure to be happy and smile. We don't do the things in a bad or negative way.

Our product needs to evolve, our ideas need to flourish, and no matter how stupid it may sound, it's not. Say it out loud and let's brainstorm it. Working for TalentLyft is a challenge. Therefore, if you choose to accept it, you are becoming a part of the team. We never let our teammates struggle alone. Having any kind of problems? We are here to help you. Once you're in, we got your back.


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Photo ofMario Buntic

Mario Buntic

Co-Founder / CEO

Photo ofNikola Biondic

Nikola Biondic

Co-Founder / CTO

Photo ofBojan Došen

Bojan Došen

Lead Front-End Developer

Photo ofBruno Ilišević

Bruno Ilišević

Customer Success Manager

Photo ofIvan Buntic

Ivan Buntic

Account Executive

Photo ofIvan Židov

Ivan Židov

Junior Data Scientist

Photo ofMila Hajdić

Mila Hajdić


Photo ofIvan Radic

Ivan Radic

Business Development Manager

Photo ofLovro Čulina

Lovro Čulina

Business Development Representative

Photo ofJakov Zrncevic

Jakov Zrncevic

Business Development Representative

Photo ofHelena Mazuran

Helena Mazuran

Business Development Representative

Photo ofNika Prpic

Nika Prpic


Photo ofMatija Stefanic

Matija Stefanic

Customer Success

Photo ofMarko Velić, PhD

Marko Velić, PhD

Machine Learning advisor

Photo ofIvan Klarić

Ivan Klarić

Product advisor

Photo ofGoran Popovic

Goran Popovic

Financial advisor